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Web Design

Transform your vision into reality with our custom Web Design services. Tailored specifically for small businesses, we craft stunning, user-friendly websites that capture your brand's essence. No tech jargon, just beautiful designs that connect you with your community and beyond. Let's make your online presence as inviting as your local storefront.


Expand your business horizons with our straightforward eCommerce solutions. Tailored for small businesses, we offer easy-to-manage online stores with secure payment processing, ensuring you connect with wider markets effortlessly. Step into the digital marketplace and watch your business grow.

IT Services

Empower your business with our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions, designed for non-tech-savvy businesses in mind. From maintaining your systems to ensuring your data is secure, we handle all the tech stuff, so you don't have to. Experience peace of mind with our expert support, keeping your operations smooth and efficient, no matter where you are.


Creative Solutions. Real Results.


Arena Fitness

24/7 Gym


DevOps Hub

Tech Consulting Startup


Bear Mountain Co

Botanical Bath Products


Norse Electric

Electrical Contractor


Pine BJJ

Martial Arts School


Our Vision and Mission Statement.

  • Main Street

    Goes Digital

    For small-town businesses, building an online presence can be overwhelming amidst daily operations. We're here to help you launch your website and become easily discoverable online, offering guidance every step of the way. Our approach ensures that even the most technology-averse businesses can flourish online without breaking the bank.

  • Local Government

    Gets an Upgrade

    Our MSP and Tech Contracting Services are designed to fit seamlessly within departmental budgets, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder the enhancement of public service capabilities. By offering scalable and adaptable tech solutions, we enable local government offices to transcend traditional limitations posed by budgetary constraints and in-house technical expertise.

  • Tomorrow's Tech

    Made Simple

    In a world where technology constantly evolves, we're here to keep it simple and accessible. Our focus is on designing maintainable, straightforward tech solutions that cut through the complexity. Embracing open-source options, we aim for transparency, heightened security, and community-driven innovation. With our emphasis on ease-of-use and clear interfaces, we ensure technology serves your business needs without the hassle.

  • Rural Communities

    Grow Together

    In the digital age, rural communities have an opportunity to flourish rather than fall behind. We aim to help the community foster growth and connectivity on its own terms. We believe in self-sufficiency, ensuring that rural areas are equipped to stand independently, leveraging their own strengths and people without reliance on big-city resources.

meet the team

Diverse talents and a shared passion for innovation.

Jon Rochefort

Digital Marketing Lead

Matt Shields

Technical Director

Kayla Shields

Creative Designer

Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, united by a common goal: to deliver exceptional solutions and services.

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